17 Apr 2006

History of Aussie Jihad resistance

I have to take a break from making this page for a while, so I'll leave you all with this little titbit of history. Thanks to people that read and spread this info, please feel free to pass anything on here around.

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I recommend Democracy Front Line(Australian coverage) and JihadWatch(International coverage) from my links list to keep updated on islamic jihads and whinings.

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Broken Hill 1915.

In 1915, (the same time as the Turks were slaughtering the Armenians) two Moslems living in Broken Hill responded to the call for Jihad from the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. They placed an ice-cream cart near the railway line several kilometres out of town, and waited for a train to come along.

That was on New Years Day, and a train loaded with miners and their families,heading to nearby Silverton for a picnic day, was soon passing by. The train slowed as it approached the ice cream cart, and the Jihadists opened fire on a train which was loaded with unarmed men, women & their children. Several were killed, more were injured, before the train pulled away.

When the townfolk in Broken Hill heard the news, they took their rifles and went looking for the Moslem murderers. They found them not far from the scene of their cowardly attack, and the Moslems were shot and killed in the ensuring battle.

Hey you islam freaks, the lesson here is... Don't fuck us CONVICTS... cuz polite as we are, we can and will also deal with you when we are sick enough of you.

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