27 Mar 2006

WW2 Art still holds meaning

John Heartfield was the ground breaking artist of WW2 who made these superb posters against the stinking Nazis. Once again the same sentiments have meaning today.

"Blood and Iron"March 8, 1934

This piece is Hearfield’s interpretation of the Nazi military slogan. Blood dripping from the swastika infers that the military (weapons and soldiers) was all Germany needed for victory, (Today its kids and strap on bombs, bugger the food.)

"As in the Middle Ages...So in the Third Reich."May 31, 1934

This piece shows humanity, broken on the wheel. It mirrors the traditional piece with a reference to the swastika, the Third Reich breaking human life.

"Goebbel's Response"October, 1935

This image shows Goebbel's solution for ending the food shortage in Germany. It was featured in Berlin's Arbeiter-Illustriect-Zerlung (AIZ)(Workers Illustrated Newspaper) as a political satire. The caption reads: "What? No butter or lard? Well then, eat your Jews?" This demonstrates the German leader's general view of the Jews. They are seen as expendable if the rest of Germany is at stake. Why go hungry when we can eat those who's lives have no value.

(Are infidels halal? Beheading and slow bleed may well make us so, of course we must be killed toward Mecca. Line up Modernity the Moslems are here!)

Aso please see my post on some of todays Art reacting to Islam, also a few more WW2 propaganda posters to show the similar attitudes we are facing with Islam. Note the "hate" of Hitler as opposed to the "hope and pride" of Churchill, we're just missing Churchills "Victory at any cost" which the Moslems have well down pat. Also check out Sabar Point for some sharp witted art Stogie does on Islam, and No Dhimmitude for a wide collection of fine art based on Islam.

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