1 Mar 2006

Who is Keysar Trad

So who is Keysar Trad,

All in the family
... Keysar Trad and his wife,

Hanifeh (right), with their children at
their Yagoona home. Photo: Ben Rushton

You might think a concerned Muslim moderate we see a few times a week on our News broadcasts here in Australia.

Here from some soft pro sharia propaganda in the Sydney Morning Herald(by Deborah Cameron in 2002), we can still plainly see that he is no asset to Australia.

Keysar, and quiet a few other in-laws, arrived in Sydney via some handy polygamy loopholes at 13 years old.

Keysar worked at the Tax Office but quit in 1998 for his religious needs and a trip to Lebanon. He came home to “write”. Here is a sample of the religious writing from those years

Mr. Trad has 2 wives and 9 children here in Australia…He talks to the SMH about installing a deep moral code into his 9 children. In 2002 at the year of this interveiw Keysar was at a forum at Western Sydney Uni promoting some islamic moral codes on homosexuality

Keysar and his large family qualify for low income supprt.

More from Keysar's website on poly

Read SMH article:
October 2 2002 Sydney Morning Herald(by Deborah Cameron in 2002).

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